Pair Seeks Right to Donate Twice in General if They Don’t Donate in Primary

Politicker NJ: “Laura Holmes and Paul Jost, with the backing of the Center for Competitive Politics, are challenging a provision in the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) that limits contributions by individuals to $2,600 in the primary and $2,600 in the general election.

“Holmes and Jost want to be able to contribute $5,200 in the general election under circumstances by which they do not contribute in the primary.

“The issue centers around the fact that in federal law candidates who are not opposed in the primary are allowed to “bank” primary election contributions for general election purposes.

“If Holmes and Jost are successful they would be able to contribute $5,200, or 2 times $2,600, to a general election candidate.”

It’s an interesting rhetorical argument, but there is a substantive difference between donating in the primary and general – waiting for the general allows you to back someone who is more likely to win.  That said, I can’t see how this would have a broad impact given the already obscene amounts

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