Supreme Court Declines VT Case Preventing PACs from Creating Separate Funds to Circumvent Limits

Burlington Free Press: “The court’s decision not to hear the case effectively upholds a ruling issued in July by a federal appeals court shooting down a legal challenge first filed in 2009 by the Vermont Right to Life Committee.”

“Changes to campaign finance laws occurred both at the state and federal level since the case was filed, and the case evolved with them. A key question ended up being whether VRLC could set up a separate ‘fund for independent political expenditures’ and make unlimited political contributions through that vehicle.”

“The high court’s decision not to take the case ‘means that a political action committee must do more than create a separate bank account for independent expenditures to be exempt from the limits on contributions,’ said a statement from [Attorney General William] Sorrell’s office on Monday.

“‘Since the two committees shared board members and staff, transferred funds to one another, and jointly planned activities, both of them were required to abide by the contribution limits,'” the statement added.”

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