Supreme Court to Consider if Judge Candidates Can Personally Solicit

Daily Signal: “The state of Florida, as do 30 of the 39 states that elect their judges, prohibits any candidate for judicial office from personally soliciting campaign funds or “solicit[ing] attorneys for publicly stated support.” Judicial candidates can conduct their races only through a campaign committee, which is authorized to solicit funds and seek public support, including endorsements from lawyers.”

“However, Lanell Williams-Yulee argues that the Florida ban on personal solicitation is a content-based regulation that “prohibits speech at the core of the First Amendment – the speech of candidates for elective office.” She points out that Florida is being selective in its supposed concern over corruption: the state has the same interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption ‘with respect to other elected officials but limits its ban on solicitations of financial support to judicial candidates.'”
A wide range of experts weigh in to keep the ban on solicitation.  The Vanderbilt Law Review has a roundtable of legal scholars.


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